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About Seaspace Consultancy Ltd

At Seaspace Consultancy Ltd the focus is on developing best practice for social workers, social care workers and managers to improve outcomes for children, young people, families and adults.

The application of learning, integration of social work values and ethics, knowledge and reflective practice underpins our approach to enable social workers to be confident, safe and skilled professionals.

Seaspace Consultancy promotes reflective practice in all aspects of training and development at social work qualifying, newly qualified, and post qualifying levels. The importance of promoting relationship-based practice underpins our approach.

Seaspace Consultancy Ltd

About the Director

Fiona is a registered social worker, experienced practice educator / assessor, senior lecturer and trainer. For many years, Fiona worked as a specialist social worker with children families in the statutory and voluntary sectors. She moved into workforce development as a manager within statutory children and family services, developing and delivering specialist and continuous professional development (CPD) training for managers and social care workers. Part of this involved providing high quality practice learning placements for social work students for universities and leading and delivering an ASYE programme for NQSW’s.

For the last two decades, Fiona has concentrated on teaching within universities at social work qualified and CPD levels and workforce development in statutory child care. Central to this work is bridging practice and acadaemia and developing practice education, supporting and assessing social work students, newly qualified workers, senior social workers and practice educators. Latterly, Fiona has been the Regional Coordinator for two cohorts of Step Up to Social Work cohorts with a regional partnership in the south of England and Bournemouth university.

Fiona works with organisations where improvement has been identified following inspections. She has enabled organisations to review the needs of social work and social care staff and managers to develop and deliver bespoke specialist training. She has been involved in with local authorities engaged in a whole system change to work in a relationship-based way. Fiona delivered reflective practice groups at all levels of organisations from heads of service to newly qualified social workers (NQSW’s). This has helped organisations develop relationship-based practice in leadership and management and supported the development of ‘containing’ contexts social work staff to build a more reflective and open organisation.

Fiona has a specialist interest in applying research and theory to practice and integrating skills development in teaching for students, NQSW’s and at CPD levels. Further she has special interest in specific areas, e.g. child development; child observation; reflective practice and teaching and assessing NQSW’s at ASYE level; advanced practitioner and practice educator development and support.


Seaspace Consultancy works with associates from time to time who are HCPC registered and accredited practice educators and hold the values of the social work profession and the ethos of the company.

Fiona McKinnon - Seaspace Consultancy
Fiona McKinnon: Director
BA (hons); MSc; AASW; CQSW;
Cert Child Observation (Tavistock);
Practice Teacher/Educator award.

HCPC Reg No: SW82686