Consultancy & Support

Consultancy & Support

Seaspace works with social care organisations to enable them to review and develop organisational culture change within social care management and practice. It offers consultancy and support in developing training to meet the needs of staff and managers; For example, NQSW’s (children and families); practice educators; practitioners and CPD programmes for advanced social work level. We work collaboratively with local authorities and independent and voluntary organisations to improve outcomes for service users and carers when improvement is highlighted as a result of quality assurance and Ofsted inspections.

Seaspace can work with Teaching Partnerships to support the development of practice education learning opportunities that fit with the needs of different qualifying routes into social work. For example, Step Up to Social Work (SUTSW); Front-Line; independent masters and undergraduate entry, Apprenticeships and part time routes. 

Fiona developed and supervised the Lecturer / Practitioner (L/P) role for a regional SUTSW partnership working collaboratively with the provider university to ensure application to practice was embedded in the academic teaching and linked with the provision of skills teaching. This complimented the taught and practice curriculum and linked with the requirements of the statutory children and family local authorities that were part of the partnership. The lecturer / practitioner role was then replicated within the new teaching partnership.

Fiona McKinnon was a workforce development manager in a children and families statutory local authority services has extensive knowledge about social work career development.

Seaspace welcomes social care organisations who would like to collaborate and work on workforce development issues to improve practice and increase retention and recruitment. For example, how to attract and retain highly experienced social work practitioners to and within an organisation.

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